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The canned food sculpture.

Each year we design a canned food sculpture for the competition sponsored by Scene Magazine and the Food Bank of South Central Michigan. The Tech Club, and KCC support the sculpture financially, and the members provide the labor. All of the food product, and any money raised by voting goes directly to the Food Bank. The sculpture contest takes place at Lakeview Square Mall, and usually occurs the last two weeks of April.

Each year, a panel of judges chooses a sculpture for the Experts Choice award for the best design. The Tech Club has received this award four times in the last 12 years. The sculpture is designed by one of Mr. Randy's CADD classes, and built by the Tech Club members.

Well . . . we were not going to do a sculpture this year due to budget and time constraints. However, Mr. Randy got a phone call the week of the contest and Post Cereal gave us 700 boxes of Fruity Pebbles. So we designed a scale replica of the Willis/Sears Tower that is 30.5 inches square and 17 feet tall (same aspect ratio as the actual structure). The sculpture is now up at the mall until May 2, 2010 In front of the Sears store (oddly enough). Here are some pictures, click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

 2010: the Willis/Sears Tower in downtown Chicago, 17' tall.

What will we think of next . . .

The Tech Club's Sculptures (click on the thumbnails to view a larger version).

cfs 1997 1997: a computer, complete with licorice cables and chocolate keys

cfs 1998 1998: the lighthouse, with a working light, 13' tall, Experts Choice award

cfs 1999 1999: the grandfather clock, with a swinging pendulum and working clock faces

cfs 2000 2000: a gazebo, with a giant spinning KCC logo (until it broke)

cfs 2001 2001: a piano with a strung soundboard inside, Expert Choice award

cfs 2002 2002: a windmill with rotating blades, 12' tall

In 2003 there was not a competition due to issues with new management at the mall

cfs 2004 2004: a microwave oven with a giant tray of food inside, Experts Choice award

cfs 2005 2005: a castle with a water bottle mote

cfs 2006 2006: KCC 50th anniversary waterfall

cfs 2007 2007: a viking ship with a fan to blow the sail

cfs 2008 2008: bowling pins and ball, 10' tall, Experts Choice award

2009: Snoopy and Woodstock on the Doghouse.