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Welcome to the academic website of Brigitta Staley. As an adjunct, I teach Art Appreciation and Encounter with the Arts.

Art Appreciation is a general education course that fulfills the
 creative requirement for a liberal arts education. It is transferable
 to four-year colleges and universities. The class targets the visual
 arts, and so it is broad in content and theme. The student will learn
 about the "building blocks" of art with the goal of acquiring a basic
 vocabulary and an understanding of the processes artists use in
 creating their works. The class also investigates the origins of
 Modernism from its beginnings in the 18th century to current
 Postmodernist aesthetics. Higher order thinking is encouraged
 through written assignments, discussions, and a group
 presentation (online as a webpage or Power Point).

To access the syllabus, click on the African mask below.

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Encounter with the Arts, also a general education course, is designed to introduce students to the performing arts. Students must be able to attend one specific exhibit or performance in art, theater, music, or dance, sometime during the summer semester. (There may be a small fee to attend.) Classwork includes assigned readings in the text, discussion boards, quizzes, a Community Calendar assignment, final test and an assigned paper in response to a cultural event. This class may be used to fulfill the creative requirement.

To access the syllabus for the class, click on the violin below.

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