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SOCI 201 - SPRING 2018

Jonathan (Jon) Williams 965-3931x2229;



1/25 Introduction; Syllabus; Course Overview; Presentation Discussion/Formulation.

Group Presentation Examples and Pointers; READ CHAPTER 1 "What is Sociology" &

READ CHAPTER 2 "Asking/Answering Sociological Questions" (Make sure to get terms/definitions in your notebook)

2/1 Chapters 1 & 2 "Quick Quiz" (You can use your notes...); Lecture,  Discussion;

 READ CHAPTER 3 "Culture & Society" AND READ CHAPTER 4 "Socialization & the Life Cycle"

 2/8 "Quick Quiz";  Lecture; Film Presentation; Discussion;

READ CHAPTER 5 "Social Interaction & Everyday Life in the Age of the Internet" AND READ CHAPTER 6 "Groups, Networks, & Organizations"

 2/15 "Quick Quiz";  Lecture; Film Presentation; Discussion;

READ CHAPTER 7 "Deviance, Conformity, Control" AND READ CHAPTER 8 "Stratification, Class and Inequality"

 2/22 "Quick Quiz"; PRESENTATION of Chapter 7 or 8; Ensuing discussion.

READ CHAPTER 10 "Gender Inequality" (Note, we skip Chapter 9)

3/1  "Quick Quiz"; PRESENTATION of Chapter 10; Ensuing discussion.

READ CHAPTER 11 "Ethnicity and Race"

3/8 PRESENTATION of Chapter 11;  Ensuing discussion.

MIDTERM (Notes are Acceptable - Chapter 11 Questions are in the Midterm in the form of Extra Credit)


3/15  "Quick Quiz";  PRESENTATION of Chapter 12Ensuing discussion

READ CHAPTER 13 "Government, Political Power and Social Movements."

 3/22 "Quick Quiz";  PRESENTATION of Chapter 13; Ensuing discussion

READ CHAPTER 14 "Work and Economic Life."

 3/29 "Quick Quiz"; PRESENTATION of Chapter 14 Ensuing discussion

READ CHAPTER 15 "Families and Intimate Relationships."

First Week of April is Spring Break...

4/12 "Quick Quiz"; PRESENTATION of Chapter 15; Ensuing discussion

READ CHAPTER 16 "Education"

4/19 "Quick Quiz"; PRESENTATION of Chapter 16Ensuing discussion

READ CHAPTER 17 "Religion in a Modern Society"

 4/26 FINAL EXAM (Chapter 17 Questions will be on the Final in the Form of Extra Credit)

(Thursday, May 3rd - Make up Final Exam... Make up Presentations... etc.)


WEIGHT PARTICIPATION/PRESENTATION - 10% (Is calculated by not simply showing up to class but BEING in the classroom. In others words being engaged in the conversations and discussions and sharing in the process of education.)

22 QUICK QUIZZES - 40% (Is calculated by the average of the 20th highest scored "Quick Quizzes" grades.)

1 MIDTERM - 20% (Is calculated by the  non "curved," non "skewed," result of the Midterm)

1 FINAL EXAM - 30% (Is calculated by the non "curved," non "skewed," result of the Final Exam.)

100%-94= A 93-88= A- 87-84= B+ 83-80= B
79-76= B- 75-73= C+ 72-70= C 69-67= C-
66-64= D+ 63-62 = D 61-60= D- Below 60= E

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