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SOCI 204 IS - SPRING 2020

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Films for SOCI 204 fulfill 1 of 3 purposes (or a combination of each)
1. They put the student into the period being discussed,
2. Express a common theme of what impact the film may have on society, and/or

3. Are documentary in nature and used to supplement a lesson.


 "Crash" Important Lesson:  Commonalities abound regarding individuals.  One never immediately knows the variables which impact the actions of individuals. [Trailer

"Ethnic Notions" Documentary on the history of the depictions of African Americans in film and how "perception is reality."

"Last of the Mohicans"  Important Lesson: Puts individual into mindset of early Colonial America. Portrays the commonality of struggle (again); the rationale of terrorism; and push for self determination. [Trailer]

"AMISTAD" Important Lesson: Differing races are not the basis of oppression - the competition for resources is the basis of oppression. . . race is a "rationalizer" (al beit an illogical one). [Trailer]

"Gangs of New York" Important Lesson:  In the struggle for limited resources almost EVERY new/different group that comes into contact with an established group faces push-back. [Trailer]

"Parts of Birth of a Nation & Gone With the Wind - Part 1"  Early film depictions of race relations in America and the impact of film as a medium of promoting and perpetuating perceptions (true or false). [Trailer]

"12 Years a Slave." This one will tick you off. Remember the argument of universal truth and/or morals versus historical relativity? [Trailer]

3/8 "Sweet Land" Set during the period before WWII the film depicts the concept of being an American (or belonging), earning acceptance (and whether it should be necessary) as well as a reminder of the commonality of struggle. [Trailer

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