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SOCI 204 - I.S. SPRING 2019

Jonathan (Jon) Williams 965-3931x2229;


2/7 (On Campus 10:30am Target/Grahl Campus... meet in the lounge area)  Discussion and Introduction; Syllabus; Course Overview; "Who Are You? Disucssion" & AGENDA Assignment   

2/14  "Quiz over Chapter 1 Due"; Video assignment: "Crash"  Discussion/Question on "Empathy" and the "facade of knowing motive:.

2/21 "Quiz over Chapter 2 Due"; Video: "Ethnic Notions"; Discussion on Media's impact on Racial/Ethnic Socialization

2/28 "Quiz over Chapter 3 Due"; Video:  "Last of the Mohicans" & Discussion on "Commonality of Struggle"; WHO ARE YOU: How Your Parents Met - Update

3/7 "Quiz over Chapter 4 Due"; Video: "AMISTAD" & Discussion on "Universal Truths and Justice" WHO ARE YOU: Father's Side - Update

3/14 "Quiz over Chapter 5 Due"; Video: "Gangs of New York" & Discussion on "Ethnicity/Ethnocentrism and Nationalism." WHO ARE YOU: - Mother's Side - Update

3/21 "Quiz over Chapter 6 Due"; "WHO ARE YOU?" REPORTS DUE

3/28 "Quiz over Chapter 7 Due"; Chapter 6 Discussion; Video: "Parts of Birth of a Nation & Gone With the Wind - Part 1" & Discussion on "Era of the Motion Picture;"

4/11  "Quiz over Chapter 8 Due"; Video: "12 Years A Slave" Discussion on "Social Conscience/Historical Relativism."

4/18 (On Campus 10:30am Target/Grahl ... meet in the lounge area);  Video: "Sweet Land" - Course Paper Discussion/Assignment - Completing the American Story RE: Race and Ethnic Relations.

4/25 Work on Course Paper/Prepare for the Final Exam

5/2 (10:30am Target/Grahl Campus... meet in the lounge area) FINAL EXAM over Chapters 1 - 8 and "Completing the American Story" PAPER DUE.

PARTICIPATION/Who Are You... GENEOLOGY- 20% (Is calculated by: Overall attendance - based on the patented "Pratt - be here points" system, discussion, & completion of "outside of class" tasks - most importantly the "Who Are You?" Exercise.)

QUICK QUIZZES - 30% (Is calculated by the average of the 8 highest scored "Quick Quizzes" grades.)

SEMESTER PAPER - 10% ( Is calculated based on following the direction given on the paper)

FINAL EXAM - 40% (Is calculated by the non "curved," non "skewed," result of the Final Exam.)

100%-94= A 93-88= A- 87-84= B+ 83-80= B
79-76= B- 75-73= C+ 72-70= C 69-67= C-
66-64= D+ 63-62 = D 61-60= D- Below 60= E

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