Response Paragraph

You are to write about Academic Integrity and/or Academic Dishonesty based on the ideas of the articles you have read and for the online students, the ideas brought up in the class discussion board.


Remember that the research question for Response Paragraph 1 is "How big is the problem and who is responsible?" while for Response Paragraph 2 the research question changes slightly to "How big is the problem; who is responsible, and what  solutions are being tried?"

Response Paragraph #1 - For your sources, use  "Cheating Game" and “The Cheating Epidemic...      Click to see   Sample Response Paragraph

Response Paragraph #2 - -For your sources, use  "Honor Codes,” "Honesty and Dishonesty...,” and “Policies for Success       Sample Paragraph #1    Sample paragraph #2


In order to successfully discuss the ideas of the articles, it is crucial that you paraphrase and quote the text directly; when you do this, you need to use proper MLA in-text citations.


A response paragraph should conform to the following expectations:

Ř      Write one paragraph of 220-280 words - no more and no less

  • This is not an essay assignment; do not write an introduction or a conclusion.
  • Just write one paragraph and make sure the paragraph starts with an accurate topic sentence and ends with an appropriate concluding sentence.


Ř      The paragraph must incorporate a MINIMUM of THREE facts from two of the articles you read. For Response Paragraph Two, you should use one fact from ALL three of the articles. Three facts is a minimum. 6 facts would be the maximum.

  • Two facts should be a paraphrase and should have proper in-text citations.

  • One fact should be a directly quoted sentence or portion of a sentence of NO MORE than 20 words; using fewer than 10 words is preferred


Ř      The text of your paragraph should discuss the information/ideas of the article. 
You need to talk about the facts in your paraphrases and direct quotes using your own original sentences, ideas, and insights. You may not simply LIST a string of sentences followed by in-text citations. The goal of your paragraph is to summarize the information from the articles and provide personal insight/experience that compliment the information from the articles. You need to look over your note cards and organize the information into a carefully constructed paragraph that explores 1-3 of the main ideas covered in the articles 


Ř         With your response paragraph, you MUST provide a MLA Works Cited listing for ALL of the articles and make sure you use proper MLA in-text citations after both your paraphrase and your quote. Make sure that you use quotation marks with your direct quote.



 Typed, double spaced, standard margins (don’t change your computer settings)

At the top of your paper include:

 Your Name

 Assignment Name

Word count


At the bottom of your paper include:

 The MLA Works Cited listing for ALL of the articles you are using (Remember to ONLY use the articles provided in class)


Here is some general advice for writing college papers with appropriate tone. Take these expectations as clear cut rules for this particular course, and always make sure that future writing meet these expectations.

Do not use personal pronoun (you, your, we, our) in college. They make the tone too informal and there is always a more specific word that can be used to better express your ideas.

Do not ask questions in your paper. Instead, write clear and concise sentences that are the answer to the question you have in mind as you are writing.

Do not use phrases like "I think" and "I believe." Simply remove those words from any draft you submit for a grade.

Do not talk directly to your reader, as in "I read an article that said" or "I will discuss."

While some teachers will allow some of these forbidden items, as a college student, you will never go wrong if you do not use them.

In this class, doing something from this forbidden list will result in a grade penalty

Response Paragraphs take a little practice, but you will get better. 
If you have questions, please ask in class/on the discussion board because others will probably need the same clarification.