MATH 142 Chapter 11 videos

Section 11.1 Parametric Equations, lots of examples HW 1 through 43 odds

Section 11.2 Calculus with Parametric Equations HW 1 through 19 odds, 25-33 odds

Section 11.3 Polar Coordinates HW 1 through 65 odds

Section 11.4 Graphing in Polar Coordinates HW 1 through 27 odds

Section 11.5 Areas and Lengths in Polar Coordinates HW 1 through 27 odds (on 19 do part a only)

Section 11.6 Conic Sections  HW 1 through 67 odds
Videos from Pre-calculus with how equations are derived.  Please watch if you are needing more information on Ellipse, Hyperbola, and Parabola
Worksheets for Ellipse, Hyperbola, and Parabola

Section 11.7 Conics in Polar Coordinates HW 1 through 63 odds

Section 11.7  Conic Sections in Polar Coordinates(a different video from pre-calculus)

Conics Worksheet

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Questions asked by students

11-1 23 and 25 parametrics

11-2-31 surface area of a parametric

11-3-23 area of parametric equations

11-3-24 area of parametric equations

11-3-49 Polar to Cartesian

11-5-9 area of intersection of two circles in polar

11-5-11 area inside cardiod and circle

11-5-19 area under polar curves

11-5-25 arc length with lots of trig

11-5-27 arc length in polar