MATH 141 and 142 Chapter 7 videos

Section 7.1 Inverse Functions and their derivatives

Section 7.2 Natural Logarithms

Section 7.3 Transcendental Functions Lots of examples in 7.3 Worksheet

Section 7.4 Exponential change and separable differential equations

Section 7.5 Indeterminate forms and L'Hopital's Rule

Section 7.6 Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions 

Section 7.7 Hyperbolic Functions and Their Derivatives 

Section 7.8 Relative Rates of Growth 

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Questions asked by students

Inverse Functions 7-1-33

Product and Chain Rule 7-2-17 (14th edition)

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 7-2-37 (14th edition)

U-Substitution 7-2-43 (14th edition)

Evaluating Integrals with Logarithms 7-2-47

Integrals with Logarithms 7-2-51

Natural Logarithms in Integrals 7-2-53

Derivative of e With an Exponent that Needs Chain Rule Several Times 7-3-21

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 7-3-24

Integral 7-3-35

U-Substitution with e to the u Power Integral 7-3-43

Initial Value 7-3-53

A Constant to a Variable Power 7-3-57

Derivative of a Constant to a Variable Power7-3-57

Change of Base Derivative 7-3-69

Derivatives Using Change of Base 7-3-81

Splitting Up in to Two Integrals 7-3-85

Integrals of a to a Power 7-3-89 (14th edition)

Integrating a Constant to a Variable 7-3-85

Integrals with Other Bases 7-3-87

Variable in Base and Exponent on an Integral 7-3-91

Integration 7-3-95

Integral of a Constant Base 7-3-105

Intensity of Light 7-4-27

Exponential Growth 7-4-29

Newton's Law of Cooling 7-4-39

Newton's Law of Cooling 7-4-44

L'Hopital's Rule Definitely a typo in the 13th Edition 7-5-1

L'Hopital's 7-5-23

L'Hopital's Rule 7-5-25

L'Hopital's Rule 7-5-29

L'Hopital's Rule 7-5-31

L'Hopital's on Natural Logs 7-5-37

L'Hopital's in the Form of Subtraction of Two Terms 7-5-41

L'Hopital's Rule 14th edition 7-5-49

 L'Hopital 14th edition 7-5-49

L'Hopital's Rule 7-5-55

Variable in Base and Exponent 7-5-55

Indeterminate Form 7-5-57

Find the Limit Using L'Hopital's Rule 7-5-58

L'Hopital's Rule 7-5-61

Indeterminate Form 7-5-64

L'Hopital's 7-5-65

Base to Variable 7-5-71 

Variable in Base and Exponent 7-5-85

Part B L'Hopital's Rule 7-5-89

Part C Derivative Set Equal to 0 7-5-89

Derivative on Inverse Trig Functions 7-6-23

Inverse Cosecant 7-6-27

Derivative of Inverse Secant (not really this problem but a good one none the less and it was some homework problem!)7-6-29

Derivative of Inverse Secant 7-6-29

Derivative of Inverse Cotangent 7-6-31

Derivative on Inverse Trig Functions 7-6-33

Derivative of Inverse Sine 7-6-37

Derivative of Inverse Tangent and Inverse Secant 7-6-39

Integral of Inverse Tangent 7-6-45

Inverse Secant with Triangles 7-6-47

Inverse Secant 7-6-47

Integral of Inverse Secant 7-6-53


Integral of Inverse Tangent 7-6-61

Trig Substitution Completing the Square 7-6-71

Inverse Tangent 7-6-85

Complex Tan Inverse Integral 7-6-89

Initial Value Problem 7-6-106

Volume of a Solid (not the answer in course compass) 7-6-108

7-6-114 volume around the y-axis

sech (6lnx) 7-7-23

Derivative of Inverse Hyperbolic Sine 7-7-25

Product Rule 7-7-27

Product Rule 7-7-27

Derivative of Inverse csch x 7-7-33

Derivative Hyperbolic sinh Inverse 7-7-35

Integral sinh 7-7-43

Integral of Hyperbolic Tangent 7-7-45

Integral of coth 7-7-51

Integral cosh 7-7-53

Hyperbolic Cosine 7-7-59

7-7-59 hyperbolic coshine with more details