Links to other Resources

     http://www.kellogg.edu/stafforient/  Who's Who at KCC along with lots of other helpful information

     http://bb.kellogg.edu/  Connects you to Blackboard (a way to have online discussions) at KCC

     www.league.org/gettingresults An interactive online course that provides many ideas for teaching

     http://honolulu.hawaii.edu/intranet/committees/FacDevCom/guidebk/guidebk.htm Includes teaching tips on such topics as how people learn, lesson planning, effective questioning and dealing with difficult students.

     http://cte.udel.edu/bestpract.htm Link to many innovative best practices in higher education from active learning and assessment to teaching tips and teaching students with learning disabilities. From the Center for Teaching Effectiveness.

           http://honolulu.hawaii.edu/intranet/committees/FacDevCom/guidebk/teachtip/7princip.htm The original article,
            Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education, by Chickering and Gamson.

           http://www.tltgroup.org/programs/seven.html Implementing the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Higher Education
            by Chickering and Erhmann.

           www.co-operation.org Information on designing effective cooperative/collaborative group instruction. How to ensure
            that all in the group contribute equally.

            http://rubrics4teachers.com/ How to develop rubrics for accurate assessment. Rubric samples for many skills
            including writing, oral assessments, multimedia, photography and the creative process.