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Math and Science Department Fall, 2007


 Contact us: 

     Bob Westdorp, Chair, 269-965-3931, ext 2353; 269-963-0701 at home; email westdorpb@kellogg.edu

       Nancy McDonald, Department Secretary, 269-965-3931, ext 2337, email      mcdonaldn@kellogg.edu


  • Syllabus:  PLEASE send an electronic copy of your syllabus to me by the first week of class.  Be sure to include a complete and accurate description of how a student's grade is determined. 
  • Rosters are all accessed on-line using the KRIS Kellogg Registration Information System at www.kellogg.edu/KRISAll students automatically have a KCC email account set up.  You can access their email address by looking at your class roster on the KRIS system.  Consider requiring students to send you an e-mail so you know they know how to use it!
  • Final grades need to be entered online using the Kellogg Registration Information System (KRIS) (Even though grades are entered online, you must send copies of your personal grade book pages or spreadsheet that shows how the student's grade was determined. These should be faxed to 269.565.2051 or mailed to the MASC office).



SUBMIT GRADES via the KRIS system by Noon. on Thursday, December 20 and BACKUP of RECORDS (copy of your gradebook/spreadsheet) to the Math and Science  Department, Kellogg Community College 450 North Avenue, Battle Creek MI 49017

    Duplication:  The College is trying to save paper.  If you want to make 1-sided copies through the duplication center, you need to have an orange authorization form signed by the chair.   For information on how to send duplication requests electronically, go to:  http://www.kellogg.edu/facilities/duplications/index.html

Plan ahead to ensure your copies are ready when you need them.

KCC Computer Access:

Faculty & Student access was recently revised to: 

        Username:  <k + 7-digit KCC identification number> 

For example if KCC identification number is 123456, user name would be <k0123456>

Password:  <6-digit date of birth> 

For example if born on January 1, 1960, enter <010160>

     Once the date of birth is used, you may be asked to change your password to a universal password.  It has to be alpha and numeric and cannot be the same password you selected as a universal password prior to the conversion

 If you try these steps and still can't access your accounts, contact Help Desk, 965-3931, ext 4148


Students will be required to LOG in to use Computers in ALL LabsFor Students who forgot or never created their user name:

1.  Login to the instructor station using your username and password.

2.  Open Internet Explorer on the desktop and click on the KCC Web Portal button.

3.  Click on the "Portal Help" link.  At the top of the help page have the student click on, "Have you forgotten your username?"  The student will need to have their social security number available.

4.  After the student has filled in their last name and social security number click the blue submit button.  Upon receiving their information it is important that they remember to log out of the KRIS session.  The log out button is located in the upper right section of the screen.

5.  The student will login into the college workstation using their username (a lower case k followed by their 7 digit KCC student ID number (e.g., k 0123456)).  For their password, new students having never created a universal password will use their 6 digit date of birth and all other students should use their existing universal password.


 Note that login to Blackboard did not change.  To request a Blackboard account, contact Ted Wyckoff at 269-965-3931, ext 2378,

     Evaluations:  All students in all sections are asked for student feedback.  We forward forms for students to complete while you are out of the room.  Assign a student to collect them, put them in an envelope, and put them in interoffice mail for the MASC office.  All forms are tabulated and you will receive a typed summary of the feedback at the end of the semester.  In addition I try to visit as many of your classes as possible and give you feedback.

     If you arrive for class and find your room locked call security at 4444, or at 965-3931, ext 2567.

     College closing information:  269-965-3931.   Also, check the KCC web site to sign up for instant notification on your cell phone.

     Instructor Absences:   

v    You must notify the MASC Office if you have a cancellation;

v    If you teach at a Center please also notify the desk staff so that they may post a notice for your class;

v    Class times must be made up to comply with accreditation requirements.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways including:

       Arrange for a guest lecturer (KCC employee);

       Make an assignment that falls within the objectives of your course that entails a similar amount of time;

       Arrange to meet early or late until the missed time is made up;

       Arrange to meet on a different mutually agreeable date and time.