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This page is a listing of KCC faculty who have posted academic material on the Internet.  This material may include course information, syllabi, and other instructional material.  Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all KCC faculty.  For a comprehensive list of KCC faculty please visit the Staff Directory listing. 

Alphabetical Listing

Anna Cox
Cynthia Herbrandson
Pat Kopf
Randy Kopf
Gene McKay

Kim Montney
Jonathan Williams
Mike Papke
Sarah Stout
Shawn Talbot
Faith Vruggink
Ken Weimer
John Wooten

** The information presented on faculty web pages represent the individual faculty member, and not that of the college. **

Note to Faculty
If you are a KCC faculty member who would like to post web pages on the academic web server, contact the Director of Learning Technologies for information and instructions. 

Kellogg Community College has an academic web policy that all faculty are to follow.  Individual faculty members are responsible for maintaining appropriate content within their web pages on this server.  Appropriate use policies for campus computer accounts apply to web pages, including policies regarding commercial use, copyright, and harassment.  Usage must be in accordance with the college's Guidelines for Computer and Communication Technology Use.

Web sites that have not been updated within the past six months will have the link removed from this page.  Once the material has been updated, contact the Director of Learning Technologies to have the link re-established.

Questions or problems relating to this web page should be addressed to the Director of Learning Technologies.

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