MATH 142 Chapter 8 videos

Section 8.1 Using Basic Integration Formulas

Section 8.2 Integration by Parts

Section 8.3 Integrals with Trigonometry 

Section 8.4 Substitution with Trigonometry

Section 8.5 Integrations using Partial Fractions

Section 8.7 Trapezoid Rule and Simpson's Rule

Section 8.8 Improper Integrals

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Questions asked by students

8-2-29 integration by parts of a composition with trig and natural log

8.3.7 sine to an odd power

similar to 8-3-22 in 13th edition book 8-3-11 integral with odd power on cosine

8.3.19 even powers on sine and cosine

8-3-27 conjugate

8-3-29 conjugate with bounds

8.3.39 integration by parts

8-3-47 integral cot to the 5th power

8-4-3 trig substitution

8-4-5 inverse trig functions integration

8-4-15 trig substitution

8-4-21 integral for inverse trig function

8-4-43 trig substitution and integral of secant

8-4-49 integral for trig substitution

8-5-23 partial fractions

8-5-25 partial fractions

8-5-27 partial fraction

8-5-29 partial fraction

8-5-53 actual initial value problem

8-5-53 and 54 mixed together... initial value problem

8-7-7 Trapezoid and Simpsons Rules

8.8.25 indefinite integrals and integration by parts

8.8.33 indefinite integrals and partial fractions