MATH 141 Chapter 1 videos

Section 1.1 Functions and Their Graphs and Even-Odd-Increasing-Decreasing-Local-Absolute

 Section 1.2 Combining Functions and Basic Graphs-Transformations
Worksheet 1.2

Section 1.3 Trigonometric Functions
Worksheet 1.3

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Questions asked by students (these are from a previous edition so homework numbers may not match exactly)

Domain and Range of Functions 1-1-4

Cube Length, Area and Volume (13th edition) 1-1-6

Domain and Range and Interval Notation 1-1-5

Finding the Domain of a Function (13th Edition) 1-1-8

Area and Perimeter of an Equilateral Triangle 1-1-9

Edge Length, Surface Area, and Volume of a Cube as a Function of the Cube's Diagonal Length and  (#6 in 13th Edition) 1-1-11

Edge Length, Surface Area, and Volume of a Cube (Another Example of #6 in 13th Edition) ) 1-1-11

Piecewise Formula for Function Shown in Graph 1-1-30

Two Variables are Inversely Proportional 1-1-61

Volume of a Box Constructed from Squares of Side X and Folding Up the Sides 1-1-63

Finding When an Equation is Greater than Another Equation via Graphing and Algebra (13th Edition) 1-1-67T

Composition of Functions 1-2-7

 Composition of Functions 1-2-9

 Composition of Functions Filling in a Table (13th edition) 1-2-13

Composition of functions from a Table 1-2-15 14th edition

Composition of Functions and Finding Domain and Range (13th edition) 1-2-17

Graphing Ellipse 1-2-77

Using Arc Point to Determine Arc Length 1-3-3

Arc Length (13th edition)1-3-3

Unit Circle Review 1-3-5

 Graphing Cosine 1-3-13

Graph of Tangent 1-3-23

 Finding Trig of a 12th Angle (13th edition) 1-3-45

Half Angle Formula 1-3-47

Find All the Solutions in the Interval 1-3-53

Find All the Solutions in the Interval (Another Example) 1-3-53

Law of Cosines 1-3-59

Length of Side of Triangle Based on Angles 1-3-63