MATH 140 - Pre-calculus

Chapter 1 Videos

Section 1  Cartesian Coordinate Plane
    Cartesian Coordinate Plane Worksheet

Section 2  Domain, Range, Vertical line test
    Domain, Range, Vertical Line Test Worksheet

Section 3  Even-Odd-Increasing-Decreasing-Local-Absolute
    Even-Odd-Increasing-Decreasing-Local-Absolute Worksheet

Section 4  Linear Functions
    Linear Functions Worksheet

Section 5  Parallel-Perpendicular-Rates
    Parallel-Perpendicular-Rates Worksheet

Section 6  Basic Graphs-Transformations
    Basic Graphs-Transformations Worksheet

Section 7 Combining Functions
    Combining Functions Worksheet

Section 8  Inverse Functions
   Inverse Functions Worksheet

Section 9  Distance-Midpoint-Circle
    Distance-Midpoint-Circle Worksheet

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Questions from Students

Composite Functions 1-2-9

Composite Functions? 1-2-95

Unit Circle 1-3-5

Cosine Formula 1-3-45

Difference Quotient 1-3-59

Difference Quotient 1-3-73

Slope 1-5-19

Graphing a Cubic Equation 1-6-105

f(g(x))... 1-7-61

f(g(x)) 1-7-93

Composition of Functions 1-8-3

Rectangular Coordinate System 1-8-43

Intersection of Circle and Line 1-9-69

Video on How to Graph a Circle on a TI-Nspire CAS from YouTube

Sum and Product of Two Numbers and a Function of One of the Numbers 1-10-19

Investing Money Based on Interest Rates 1-10-35

Max Area of a Playground 1-10-61