MATH 140 - Pre-calculus

Chapter 5 Videos

Section 1 Trigonometric Identities

Section 2  Sum and Difference Formulas
Examples Worksheet

Section 3 Double-Angle, Power-Reducing and Half-Angle Formulas and Examples
Examples Worksheet

Section 4 Product to Sum and Sum to Product Formulas and Examples

Section 5 Trigonometric Equations

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Student Requested Problems

Rewrite the Expression (cos and cot) 5-1-71

Verify that the Equation is an Identity and Use Substitution 5-2-51

Power Reducing Formula 5-3-35

Half-Angles 5-3-55

Using Half Angle Identity in a Proof 5-3-63

Doing Identity From a Graph 5-3-69

Solving Identity From a Graph 5-3-77

Story Problem 5-3-81

Solving Identity From Graph 5-3-99

Telephone Problem 5-4-37

Solving Trig Equations 5-5-59