MATH 141 Chapter 5 videos

Section 5.1 Area and Estimating with Finite Sums

Section 5.2 Sigma Notation

Section 5.3 Definite Integral

Section 5.4 The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (computational error in one of the examples!)

Section 5.5 Indefinite Integrals

Section 5.6 Substitution and Area Between Curves

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Questions asked by students

Average 5-1-17 

Riemann Sum 5-2-39

Riemann Sum 5-2-40

5-2-43 Riemann Sum

5-2-44 area under curve Riemann Sum (right hand endpoint not left!)

5-2-45 Riemann Sum

5-2-47 Riemann Sum

Graph the Integrand to Find the Area 5-3-17

5-3-22 area under a curve semicircle and a rectangle

Area Using Formulas 5-3-28

5-3-57 area under the curve

Average Value of Function 5-3-59

Average Area Under Absolute Value 5-3-61

ANOTHER ONE 5-3-61 average area under a curve absolute value

5-3-72 minimizing area under a curve

Upper Bound 5-3-79

Average Speed 5-3-88

ANOTHER 5-3-88

Differentiating the Integral 5-4-33

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 5-4-39

Area of the Region Between X-Axis and the Graph of ... 5-4-44

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 5-4-39

Find Area of Shaded Region 5-4-53

Reduce the Integral to Standard Form 5-5-15

Evaluate the Integral 5-5-21

U-Sub Complex 5-5-43

U-Sub 5-5-47

U-Sub 5-5-53

Area Between Two Functions

5-6-1 u-sub with changing the bounds

Substitution and Changing Bounds 5-6-13

Trig Substitution 5-6-17

Trig Substitution 5-6-19

Trig Substitution 5-6-27

5-6-49 tricky with three areas

5-6-77 area in two pieces

Find Total Area of the Shaded Region 5-6-35

Area of the Region Enclosed By Two Curves 5-6-61

Area of the Region Enclosed by the Curves 5-6-65

Two Subsections of Equal Area 5-6-75