MATH 141 Chapter 4 videos

Section 4.1 Extreme Values of Functions

Section 4.2 Rolle's Theorem and Mean Value Theorem

Section 4.3 First Derivative Test

Section 4.4  Concavity (LONG with LOTS of examples!)

Section 4.5 Optimization

Section 4.6 Newton's Method

Section 4.7 Antiderivatives

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Questions asked by students

Absolute Extreme Values of the Function on the Interval 4.1-16 (continued)

Absolute Max/Min on Given Interval 4-1-29

Find Max/Min then Graph and Identify Absolute Extrema on Graph4-1-31

Critical Points 4-1-43

Critical Points 4-1-45

Critical Points 4-1-47

Critical Points, Domain Endpoints, Local Extreme Values 4-1-59

Critical Points, Domain Endpoints, and Local Extreme Values 4-1-65

Find Extreme Values and Interpret Based on Volume 4-1-73

Mean Value Theorem 4-2-5

Mean Value Theorem 4-2-14

Find Functions with the Derivative 4-2-35

Find Function of the Derivative 4-2-37

Find Function of the Derivative 4-2-39

Find the Body Position at a Given Time 4-2-47

Find Critical Points, Increasing/Decreasing, Max/Min Vales 4-3-1

Critical Points with Trig 4-3-13

Critical Points with Trig 4-3-13

Find Interval Where Increasing/Decreasing and Absolute Max/Min 4-3-29

Critical Points 4-3-37

 Critical Points 4-3-57

Extreme Values 4-3-59

Sketch the Continuous Function 4-3-65

Inflection Points, Max/Min, Concavity 4-4-5 explained in detail

Inflection Points, Max/Min, Concavity 4-4-7 graphing

Inflection Points, Max/Min, Concavity 4-4-25 graphing

Inflection Points, Max/Min, Concavity 4-4-35 concavity and graphing

Graphing and Identify Extreme Points and Inflection Points 4-4-45


Find Value of Constants with Max/Min and Inflection Points 4-4-111

Rectangle Inscribed in Isosceles Right Triangle 4-5-3

Parabolic Arch with Rectangular Window of Max Area 4-5-4

Rectangular Tank with Square Base and Open Top--Find Minimum Weight 4-5-9

Find Dimensions to Minimize Paper Used 4-5-11

Find Dimensions to Maximize Volume of a Covered Box 4-5-16T

Find Dimensions to Maximize the Volume of the Right Circular Cylinder 4-5-19

Find Dimensions to Minimize Cost of Construction of Silo 4-5-23

Find Dimensions to Minimize Total Area of Wire in a Circle or Square 4-5-31

Newton's Method 4-6-2

Newton's Method 4-6-3

4-6-13T screen shot, not a video

Newton's Method 4-6-14T

Newton's Method 4-6-15T

At What Value of x Does cosx=8x 4-6-19

Intermediate Value Theorem 4-6-23

Antiderivatives 4-7-7

Indefinite Integral 4-7-31

Most General Antiderivative or Indefinite Integral 4-7-33

Find the Function Satisfying ...4-7-69

Solve the Initial Value Problem 4-7-87

Find Curve in the xy-plane That Passes Through a Point and Has a Slope at that Point 4-7-89

Solution Curves of the Differential Equation 4-7-93

Find the Constant Deceleration Required for Driver to Stop in Time 4-7-97