MATH 125 - College Algebra


Section 7.1 General Equations

worksheet for General Equations

Section 7.2 Translating Sentences into Equations

        worksheet for Translating Sentences into Equations

Section 7.3 Mixture and Uniform Motion Problems

worksheet for Mixture and Uniform Motion Problems

Section 7.4 First Degree Inequalities

worksheet for First Degree Inequalities

Section 7.5 Compound and Absolute Value Inequalities    

worksheet for Compound and Absolute Value Inequalities

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Questions from students

7.1C.020 order of operations

7.2A.012 consecutive odd integers

7.3A.005 mixture problem

7.3A.007 Mixture problem

7.3B.008 Mixture problem

7.3C.006.MI Distance problem

7.3C.011 Distance problem

7.4B.005.PE Solving and inequality

7.5A.009 Solving and inequality with "and"

7.5A.022.MI solving inequalities with an "or" statement

a few homework problems and inputting answers for 7.4 and 7.5

questions from a student over 7.4 and 7.5 that might be helpful to others