MATH 125 - College Algebra


Review of Factoring (if you are needing more review, please see the individual videos below)  Factoring quadratics with a non-one coefficient
    Worksheet for Review of Factoring and Worksheet Factoring with Leading Coefficients

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Questions from students

a few more chapter 11 examples


9(a^2)bc+6a(b^2)c       11.1A.020

5(y^3)-25(y^2)+30y        11.2B.021

Factoring with a Leading Coefficient        11.3A.009


12(t^2)+16t-3        11.3B.006


Factoring by Grouping         11.3B.030.MI


Factoring a Trinomial Equation         11.4C.010.MI


Factoring a Trinomial Equation        11.4C.019


Sum of two odd integers 11.5B.012

Story Problem on Volume of a Box       11.5B.022

More detailed videos of each section if you need further explanation.

Section 11.1 Common Factors

~Worksheet for Common Factors

Sections 11.2  and 11.3 Factoring Trinomials

        ~Worksheet for Factoring Trinomials

Section 11.4 Special Factoring

        ~Worksheet for Special Factoring

Section 11.5 Solving Equations

~Worksheet for Solving Equations